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  • Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International recommends #Day1 as a resource to stop workplace bullying - and to increase child protection

    by Irene Van der Zande


    We are excited to have the Tyler Clementi Foundation as a partner for International Child Protection Month this September and are heavily promoting the #Day1 Campaign as one of the important actions that adult leaders can take to protect and empower the young people in their lives. I wish you could have been with me a few weeks ago when Jill Gallo, Cabrillo College Extension Coordinator, read the #Day1 Declaration to 37 middle and high school students in our Youth Leadership program. The students listened intently and nodded their heads. Jill then added, "If you adopt and uphold these values, it will serve you well here and throughout your lives."

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  • #Day1 Goes International, Proving Why We Need It!

    by Shane Messmer

    anti_gay_propaganda_laws.jpg The Tyler Clementi Foundation’s #Day1 Campaign was created around the idea that no one should be made to feel as though they are worth less than the community around them, regardless of how they look, who they love, or where they're from. That is why it is it just as important to see #Day1 succeed internationally as well as in our own nation’s schools and workplaces. Everyone around the world deserves to feel respected and safe. However, some countries have norms and even laws that foster bullying and hatred. But we must stay true to the goals for #Day1 while being empathic to those who are in very challenging situations.

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  • Boy Stands Up Against YouTube Cyber-Bullies

    by Shane Messmer

    Browsing through the Josh Fairbanks YouTube channel, one will find an assortment of amusing videos mostly consisting of Josh performing harmless pranks on his eleven-year-old son Logan. Each of the videos shows how fun loving and silly the father-son team are. However one video in particular stands out as very different from the rest. On July 7th, Josh and Logan posted a much more serious video featuring Logan speaking directly to YouTube viewers about the mean-spirited and cruel comments about him that cyber-bullies had left on previous video uploads.


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