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Someone will answer who can talk to you confidentially.
Please reach out because we care for you.

Joseph and Jane Clementi

Joseph and Jane Clementi are the loving parents of Tyler Clementi. Since losing their son, the couple has been on a journey of loss, discovery, and action. They founded The Tyler Clementi Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces for LGBT and vulnerable youth, their families and their allies. As a married couple, they have shared the tragic experience of losing a son and have a powerful message to deliver to other parents. As individuals, they each come from their own perspective to focus on different key points.

Joseph Clementi’s core message is about turning Bystanders into Upstanders. His view is that there are three people involved in any type of bullying situation: the bully, the victim, and the bystander who witnesses but does not act. Joseph wants to share his message that bystanders to bullying have an obligation to get involved and defend those who are targeted.

Jane Clementi’s core message is one of religious acceptance. Jane wants to see the concept of “sin” disassociated from homosexuality. She believes that churches and people of faith can and should embrace gay people, and that doing so will save families and lives.

Since the death of their son, the Clementi’s have spoken and presented papers at numerous events including NJ DARE 2012 Annual Conference in Atlantic City, CAPS Long Island, Rutgers University 2011 Symposium, the Federal Reserve of NY, BNP and Wells Fargo.

James Clementi

James Clementi is the older brother of Tyler Clementi. The loss of his brother was a life altering event for James, and sent him on a path of activism and awareness for bullying, suicide prevention, and LGBT rights. Like his brother Tyler, James is gay. The core part of his message is the equality of LGBT people in our society and the devastating consequences of bullying on our young people. Bullying that happens face-to-face and online through social media has become an epidemic among our youth. James is focused on reaching out to college students, using Tyler’s story as a tool to reinforce the inherent value of each life. Respect, love and equality are the key components of his message. James envisions a youth culture where kindness is cool, and respect is the norm.

James has written about his experience for Out Magazine, spoken at events such as the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles First Annual Voice Awards as well as television programs Anderson Cooper 360 and Rock Center with Brian Williams, and has blogged about bullying in The Huffington Post.

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First-ever kNOw-Tech-A-Thon Sept 20-21
Teens going tech-free...
Learning to balance technology and raising money for charity.
Tech 2 live... don't live 2 tech.

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Trans* Youth Group
meetings held on the 2nd & 4th Sunday
September 14, Sunday, 4:00-5:30pm
HiTOPS, 21 Wiggins Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

*An educational and social support group for transgender, non-conforming, fluid, genderqueer, and non-binary folk. aiming for ages 13-19, but welcome to all adolescents/young people IF you wish to bring a supportive friend, they’re welcome too!
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Jane and James Clementi were honored yesterday with the Pride of Essex Award, celebrating their commitment to advocacy for LGBTQ equality. Representing the allied and LGBTQ populations, Jane and James were thrilled to accept the award.
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The Tyler Clementi Foundation has named Sean M. Kosofsky as its new Executive Director. Kosofsky has led several state and national organizations working on a broad range of social justice issues including marriage equality, voting access and women’s reproductive health. Click here for more.
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Join us for a free half-day training for professionals who work on the front-lines of the children's welfare, juvenile justice, corrections and probation systems and would like to better identify the needs of LGBTQ youth and provide services that best fit them. The conference was created to raise awareness of LGBTQ youth homelessness. Free and open to the public. Register today to join us. 
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Deciding what colleges to apply to? The Princeton review names it's top 20 friendliest (and least friendly) colleges. Based on a survey of over 130,000 college students, this list may help LGBTQ students decide where to spend the next four years. Check out the results of the annual list here.
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"How can love be a sin? The "sin" here is love, a love that people have no choice about. My hope and prayer is for the church to fully embrace all LGBTQI people." Read Jane Clementi's latest blog on LGBTQI acceptance.
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Teachers College will help continue the work of TCF by collaborating with the Tyler Clementi Foundation to offer for the first time an LGBTQ Diversity Scholarship for students interested in a career that supports LGBTQ populations in the fields of health, education, and psychology.
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This March, SFGMC presents the world premiere of “Tyler’s Suite,” a multi-movement work created by top American composers of this century. "Tyler’s Suite” creates a new story of inclusion, dignity and acceptance for other youth and their families through a musical experience like no other.

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Richard Socarides Lists the Top Ten Gay Rights Heroes of 2013 in The New Yorker magazine. Read about the groundbreaking leadership to create change in society by heroes such as Edith Windsor, NBA star Jason Collins, Pope Francis, and Tyler Clementi Foundation co-founder Jane Clementi!
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A Safe Place For All
The Tyler Clementi Foundation is focused on three core strategies that guide our outreach, advocacy, partnerships and activities.
James' I'm From Driftwood Vlog
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