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  • Partnering with "Share My Lesson" - By Teachers, For Teachers


    We are partnering with the premiere resource site by teachers, for teachers. The Tyler Clementi Foundation is proud to be in collaboration with this important site. If yo are an educator, join today and see what other teacher's across the world are using to reach their students. Find our resource page here, where you can read about the #Day1 Campaign and other life-changing methods!

  • Anti-Bullying Documentary "Breaking the Silence" Screening this Weekend in NJ

    SCREENINGS: “Breaking the Silence” was selected at the Golden door film festival and will be screening as a Sneak Preview on Sunday September 27 2015 at 3pm at the New Jersey City University in the Gothic Lounge in Jersey City, NJ.
    ANTI-BULLYING EVENT, the film will also be screening on October 8th 2015 during Frank’s Anti-Bullying event at Port O Lounge in Jersey City, NJ. Special Guest at the event will be Sicily Knight doing a live performance and Anti-Bullying Activist Joseph & Jane Clementi.
    Bullying is a serious problem faced by youths today. It does not matter if the bullying takes place in the school, neighborhood or on the internet. It can lead to serious problems for both the victim and the perpetrator. The launch of Frank Gigante’s much anticipated short docu-fiction film, Breaking the Silence. The film was made to help raise funds for Gigante’s future Anti-Bullying fiction called “Broken Silence”. In the meanwhile the documentary “Breaking the Silence” highlights the alarming rate of bullying and how society can combat it. The documentary features 2 New Jersey victims of bullying, Anti-bullying expert NJ State Trooper & president of NJASRO Gregory M. Williams and Anti-bullying activist Joseph & Jane Clementi, parents of the late Tyler Clementi.
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  • Featured petition

    Ask Pope Francis to stand against bullying: Sign our petition


    This week, Pope Francis is in the United States, and he gave the first ever papal address to a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill. One thing was certain from the Pope's heartfelt speech: he is a man of the people and a leader who wants to use his influence to make this world a better place. The Pope made it clear that we have a responsibility to protect our environment and protect each other.

    With this in mind, we ask Pope Francis to stand with us against the bullying and harassment that happens to children and young people. It is never ok to make someone feel ashamed of who they are or to use one's personal power to humiliate another. It is terrible to use one's religious beliefs as justification for mistreating and abusing an entire group of people, including those who are LGBTQ or those of another religion, or those who are secular. It is cruel to use social media and the internet to destroy someone's reputation.

    We call upon the most visible religious leader in the world to stand with us and denounce this mean-spirited behavior and set an example of love and compassion in all areas of life. If you stand with us and want to get this message heard, sign our petition today!

    60 signatures

    Will you sign?