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  • Marble Collegiate Church Anti-Bullying Panel with Jane Clementi and Sean Kosofsky

    Have you – or someone you love – ever been bullied? What IS bullying and what do we know about how to prevent it? Jane Clementi and Sean Kosofsky explore the issues that young people and families around the US are being confronted with every day in this first-in-a-series talk at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City.

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  • Featured petition

    Where is the Apology? Outrageous 'Anti-Gay Day' at PA High School

    Last week as thousands of youth across America participated in GLSEN's annual Day of Silence to raise awareness for LGBT targeted bullying, one group of students at Pennsylvania's McGuffey High School took it upon themselves to bash their LGBT classmates with an 'Anti-Gay Day.' The students wrote "anti-gay" on their hands, placed Bible verses on the lockers of LGBT identified classmates, and even circulated a "lynch list" around the school. This behavior is devastating and a tremendous violation of human rights. The district's Superintendent Erica Kolat and the high school's Principal Mark Bonus failed to address the severity of the abuse. Their statements on the harassment that occurred on 'Anti-Gay Day' have been empty and lacking. They have acted as bystanders who are tacitly encouraging the bullying behavior of their students and contributing to the toxic, unsafe environment of McGuffey High School.


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    We ask you to stand with us and tell Superintendent Erica Kolat and Principal Mark Bonus that the behavior of their students was absolutely unacceptable. We ask them to make a statement clearly stating that discrimination against any minority including LGBT people in the district is unacceptable and must be taken seriously because a hostile learning environment is damaging to a child's education. We call on Principal Mark Bonus to reverse his decision as well as make a public apology.

    Sign our petition and help us to seek justice for the LGBT and Allied youth at McGuffey High School.

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  • Featured petition

    Tell Hillary Clinton, and other Candidates: Bullying Must Be On National Agenda

    Bullying is already in our nation's consciousness, but ending it must be a part of our national agenda. 
    Bullying is a serious educational issue, and a matter of public health and safety. Our local, state and federal elected officials should be taking all necessary steps to ensure that our children are focused on learning, not self-defense. 

    We ask that every candidate for the office of President of the United States (starting with the officially announced candidates: Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz) publicly commit to putting youth and college bullying on the national agenda. Help us deliver this message to their campaign!


    151 signatures

    Sign our petition today to send a loud and clear message to our nation's 2016 presidential candidates that ending bullying must be a part of their national agenda. Our latest polling shows that a majority of adults in America believe bullying continues to be a major problem for youth and adults. Join us if you believe that bullying deserves the energy, resources and ideas of our next President.

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