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  • Boy Stands Up Against YouTube Cyber-Bullies

    by Shane Messmer

    Browsing through the Josh Fairbanks YouTube channel, one will find an assortment of amusing videos mostly consisting of Josh performing harmless pranks on his eleven-year-old son Logan. Each of the videos shows how fun loving and silly the father-son team are. However one video in particular stands out as very different from the rest. On July 7th, Josh and Logan posted a much more serious video featuring Logan speaking directly to YouTube viewers about the mean-spirited and cruel comments about him that cyber-bullies had left on previous video uploads.


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  • Tyler Clementi's Mom on Teaming Up with Celebs on Anti-Bullying ‪#‎Day1‬ Campaign: People Magazine Exclusive!

    by Jane Clementi


    people_photo.jpgToday is a bittersweet day, as we near the five year anniversary of my son Tyler's passing in September of 2010. The pain this tragedy has caused my family has fueled our latest program, the #Day1 Campaign, to prevent bullying in schools, universities, sports teams and workplaces. Today, People magazine published a new interview with my husband Joe and I, which you can read on newsstands now, or check out online. Read the entire interview on!

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  • What Bullying Looks Like in My High School

    Written by Manny Rodriguez


    I've grown accustomed to being the one no one talks to. As the first openly gay student at UCHS, I experienced a lot of hostility and bullying by my peers. I remember this one instance when I was a freshman, and this one student accused me of looking at his backside in class. I was so confused by how arbitrary his claim was, but my first instinct was to try and eliminate it since it wasn't true. He had messaged me on Facebook, stating that his friends had told him I was looking at his rear as if I was infatuated with it. He came off very malicious, and I had no idea how to convince someone who had no desire to listen to me. I can't help but admit that I was extremely terrified. I felt threatened. But deep down I knew that I could not let my fears show in moments like these. I could not let the aggressor know that he had control of my emotions, and I tried my best to put on a brave face.

    It helped that we were behind computer screens, because he couldn't see how frightened I was. Our dispute continued after about a half hour, when he suddenly made a threat. He said that if I did not stop responding to him, he'd say something I wouldn't want to hear. Again, as scared as I was, I was not going to give in to a stranger's demands. I was not going to let him have control over me, and so I simply responded saying that no matter what he said, his words could not hurt me. As resilient as I was, nothing could prepare me for what he had said. His next message read,"stop f------ inboxing me f-- shut the f--- up and kill yourself...". For a few moments after I read that message, that's exactly what I wanted to do. I couldn't see myself living in a world where people would rather see me dead, than alive.

    When James Clementi spoke out at my high school about his brother Tyler, who unfortunately ended his own life, I was truly touched and inspired. I had suddenly gained the confidence to be proud of who I was and stay strong in times of hardship. Even some of my peers who I had never spoken to before texted me later that day just to tell me that Tyler's story had changed their views of the gay community, and that they would be here in case I ever needed them. I couldn't help but cry that night. The Tyler Clementi Foundation had completely altered the atmosphere in my school, and that atmosphere still remains today. I'm so grateful that James helped make my school a welcoming place for all, and I can't wait to see the impact The Tyler Clementi Foundation will have on other struggling LGBTQ youth.